Gabrielle Harbowy from Dragon Moon Press linked to my blog post, Dealing with Silence and Rejection, as part of an excellent post of her own: Dealing with Rejection.

I highly recommend you read the entire post. Gabrielle is an editor for Dragon Moon Press, and really offers the much-needed insider view on this issue.

Look especially at #2: ”It’s a one-shot business transaction.” That is my entire thought in a nutshell: it’s business.

It seems to me a lot of submissions are sent, not as a business proposal, but as validation-seeking: ”if they accept me, it means I’m good!”

Editors (producers/directors/publishers) are business people. You shouldn’t seek validation from business people. They aren’t in the validation business.

So if you still feel concerned that your work isn’t up to snuff, relax; it probably isn’t. Take your time, develop your craft, and step up to the plate when you’ve got something you know you can sell. Anything before that, and you’re cracking the egg before it’s time to hatch.

You’ll appreciate the gestation period later, I promise.

(insert ”avoiding ’egg on your face’ joke”)