Jessica released this video today, and in nearly 50 videos so far, this is the one that has seized my heart.   Please watch.

On the channel, we get dozens upon dozens of messages from kids whose parents are deeply worried about what it might mean to “drug” their ADHD children. Public conversation in society doesn’t help – parents doing their best are accused of being lazy or selfish (or worse, abusive) for “sedating” their kids.

I know just from the channel how hard these parents work, and how anxiously they look toward the long, long road of their children’s futures and wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?”

There are no easy solutions, and I’d never say medication is the complete or only solution. But for the parents who are worried about if they’re doing the right thing, and for the parents who still haven’t decided, this video is one voice echoing back from that long, long road saying, “Thank you.”

I’d just ask one favor: if you know anyone who needs to hear this, could you pass it on to them? I want as many kids and parents to hear this as possible.