Call Me Edward

For multiple reasons, both personal and professional, I’m changing my name in 2016 to Edward Earl Newton.

How does this change things?

I’ll be introducing myself as Edward, or Eddie, to people from now on.  If you have cause to do so, I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same.

Going forward, my primary email address will be Edward @ Edward Earl Newton dot com. is my new work website.  My blog will now live at  The old sites will forward to those addresses.

Annnnnnnd – that’s it.

This is Groovy, How Can I Help?

Don’t call me Earl.  Or Ed.

I expect to get a lot of “Hey Earl – I mean – Edward – sorry” moments over the next couple months.  I’m not stressing slip-ups.  My middle name is still Earl, and I did that for a reason.  I’m not disavowing my past: I’m just adding to it.

More to come, as we go forward.

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