This isn’t the first time we’ve returned to the Star Wars universe, friends.

This isn’t the first time we’ve hoped.

In light of that, before we add new adventures to our galaxy far, far away, I think we need to right some wrongs.

Since we haven’t yet taken time travel out of its infant stages (doubly complicated, as time machines have been proven to be their own grandpas), please allow me to offer you the next best thing to changing the past: some revisionist history.

Call it a palette cleanser.

Watch the video below. (“What if Star Wars: Episode I Was Good?”, 12 mins)

If you liked that video, watch this one. (“What if Star Wars: Episode II Was Good?”, 16 mins)

If you, like me, are getting really excited by this point… watch this last one. (“What if Star Wars: Episode III Was Good?”, 23 mins)


This is my new canon, as far as the prequels go.

If you ask me how the Prequels happened, I’ll tell you it was all black and white lines, a little light on the special effects, but heartrending as hell, and laid out carefully by a bearded man in plaid.


Now go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


No More Stories.


Now Till New Year's

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