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Look at the size of this place, sidelit with gold from the setting sun. It smells like oranges and old leather here – must be the solvent they use. This is where the projects go when they are done, or on hiatus for the moment.

Sorry, I know it’s long. If I promised myself to edit it it would never come out.

In 2007, with the help of my friends Joshua Smith, Joseph Fagan, and Alex Traywick, I created a web series called “Stranger Things.” It was a science-fiction anthology series living in the Twilight Zone neighborhood. In 2009, it was picked up for on-demand television distribution. I will write more about this experience later, but for …

In 2012, Jordan Mechner asked me if I wanted to make something to promote his remake of Karateka. And I said, “Show me the Apple II.”

They call it “negative self talk,” “automatic negative thoughts,” “the inner critic.” Basically, it’s those negative thoughts that pop up and tell you, “you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, you shouldn’t try,” etc etc etc.

Healing is a difficult, painful process. Part of that process is grieving, and letting unimportant things slide while you focus on just making it through the day. Another part is moving on, and making that transition can be very, very hard. These words helped me a lot – I hope they help you, too. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- …

New Year’s beats Halloween. New Year’s beats Thanksgiving. New Year’s beats Christmas. Scandalous enough for you, kids?

You think there isn’t a technique to it? It’s more than that – it’s philosophy.

When I was a kid, I really wanted someone to come along and explain how life worked, what I should be doing, everything. This is that thing I wanted.