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A collection of ideas, experiences, and thought experiments.

In this video, Jonas Tyroller and professional trailer editor Derek Lieu (you know him from his trailers for Firewatch, Subnautica, Spelunky 2, and a bunch more) spend 45 minutes going through video game trailers and breaking down what does and doesn’t work. I can’t recommend this highly enough if you’re going to be cutting a …

Crayon drawing of Bill Gates and conspiracy theories.

And you begin to worry – as you stand, gaping at the adult person who has essentially handed you a toy telephone and said, “it’s for you” – that this might be an impossible conversation to have.

This piece is derived from an older piece I wrote about building movies that work to sell themselves. It was most recently written for game developers, so that’s the form this takes. What I’m going to tell you is not the step-by-step guide of marketing a project: that would be a book, written by a …

“Do you have anywhere cooler to stay?” you ask, and she says yes.

"Martha Graham" (1931)

This is the most accurate description I’ve yet seen of an artist’s job: Martha Graham’s advice to Agnes de Mille, a fellow choreographer. (As excerpted from Anges’ book “Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham”)

You have very few trustworthy tools in this life. Learn how to use them.