Introducing The Game

How’ve you been?  I’m fine.

Stranger Things on Netflix?  No, I hadn’t heard about that.

Most of my time has been spent on other projects lately, but now I’m back with a new one.

I’m making a video game.

It’s called Glute Force: Gluteus Max, it’s for kids of all ages, and it’s about a superhero who fights crime with overly-bouncy butt muscles.


Essentially, it’s a family-friendly side-scrolling send-up of superheroes.

I’ll post more about the specific mechanics later, I’m sure.  Everyone who has seen/played it so far says it feels a lot like the old school games.

Which makes sense because – y’know – I’m like – a little bit old.

(“A little bit”)

Yes, that's the ground texture from Mario 3, which is technically a copyright infringement. This was from an early build. You can't see it, but there's a Koopa punching Mickey Mouse in the face just off-screen.

If you’re a bit confused about why the first image above features a guy, but the second one features a girl – surprise!  You will be able to play as one of six flavors of human: two genders, and three colors.


If you’d like to see a teeny bit of the game in action, it was featured in one of the recent How to ADHD videos: Why You Can Focus on Video Games (and How to Hack it)


My henchmen are all polite to crates, of course. This is a family game.


I’ve already assembled a team of beta testers, but I still have a bit more to do before it’ll be ready to go out.

Ha ha ha!  “A bit.”

This is my “to do” list.

My To Do list for Glute Force (Jul 24, 2016)

Suffice to say, I don’t have an “exit strategy” per se.  I’m building out the first three areas (twelve levels in total, plus some tutorial levels), and then we’ll see where it goes from there.

More posts to come as I get a moment.

The Next Major Goal: Figure Out What My Next Major Goals Are

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