Wednesday, August 17 2022

New Year’s beats Halloween. New Year’s beats Thanksgiving. New Year’s beats Christmas.

Scandalous enough for you, kids?

Just give me a listen before you decide I’m crazy.

(because it’s the best holiday of the entire YEAR)

Check out this terrific list of ten questions to answer about your year (you can answer them yourself now, or you can sign up and they’ll email you the questions every year in September to fill out year by year – I’ve been doing it for 5-7 years now, and it’s awesome)

Buy the Mountain Goats’ song “This Year” (endcard song)
on iTunes
on Google Play
on Amazon

(I don’t make any money off these links, you just need to get this song)

“Bumming on Tremolo” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


The Fine Art of Throwing Up


Moving On: The Path to Healing

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