Healing is a difficult, painful process. Part of that process is grieving, and letting unimportant things slide while you focus on just making it through the day. Another part is moving on, and making that transition can be very, very hard. These words helped me a lot – I hope they help you, too. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- …

New Year’s beats Halloween. New Year’s beats Thanksgiving. New Year’s beats Christmas. Scandalous enough for you, kids?

You think there isn’t a technique to it? It’s more than that – it’s philosophy.

When I was a kid, I really wanted someone to come along and explain how life worked, what I should be doing, everything. This is that thing I wanted.

"Martha Graham" (1931)

This is the most accurate description I’ve yet seen of an artist’s job: Martha Graham’s advice to Agnes de Mille, a fellow choreographer. (As excerpted from Anges’ book “Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham”)

You have very few trustworthy tools in this life. Learn how to use them.

On our individual responsibility to share ourselves.

How’ve you been?  I’m fine. Stranger Things on Netflix?  No, I hadn’t heard about that. Most of my time has been spent on other projects lately, but now I’m back with a new one. I’m making a video game. It’s called Glute Force: Gluteus Max, it’s for kids of all ages, and it’s about a superhero who …