Let me start by telling you how proud I am to be imperfect.

This isn’t how I thought I would feel.

When I started working on the opening of my current project, my old pattern would say, “Ohhhh, this doesn’t look right, it is going to suck, you’re going to be so humiliated when people see this.”

But this time, I said, “I don’t care. I just want to get to ‘done.’ Whatever gets me there the fastest is fine.”

And I ignored my old pattern for the first time in forever.

There has been no humiliation. And now, with two months experience on this project, I’m coming back to remake the opening, and I’m finally understanding what I only hoped was true before.

My friends, if I had tried to be perfect (instead of trying to be finished) the opening would still look bad, but I would have gone through two months of ungodly fear and anxiety about an opening that “I just couldn’t quite figure out.”

I would never have gotten the experience I needed to be able to fix it.

And now I’m here, and I’m still like you. I still know how vulnerable that feels.

And I know that pattern means well – so be kind when you tell it, “I understand you want to protect us, but digging in our heels means we’re going to fall.

“We have to run, and that means not worrying about every step along the way.”

I’m like you, so you can trust me when I say this is the safer way way to be.

Be fast, not perfect.

Photo by Artūras Kokorevas from Pexels


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