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A Confederate statue with Black Lives Matter spray painted overtop it.

In two hours, you will take a tour of the heritage of hate that’s still in America today.

I had a very similar experience to Kristen Bell. I grew up sheltered from the world. I did believe in things divided into good and evil, and while I tried not to judge, I didn’t realize that filing something as “evil” is essentially the judgiest thing you can do (whether it deserves it or not).

They call it “negative self talk,” “automatic negative thoughts,” “the inner critic.” Basically, it’s those negative thoughts that pop up and tell you, “you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, you shouldn’t try,” etc etc etc.

Healing is a difficult, painful process. Part of that process is grieving, and letting unimportant things slide while you focus on just making it through the day. Another part is moving on, and making that transition can be very, very hard. These words helped me a lot – I hope they help you, too. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- …

New Year’s beats Halloween. New Year’s beats Thanksgiving. New Year’s beats Christmas. Scandalous enough for you, kids?

You think there isn’t a technique to it? It’s more than that – it’s philosophy.

When I was a kid, I really wanted someone to come along and explain how life worked, what I should be doing, everything. This is that thing I wanted.