Wednesday, October 5 2022


The Hustle


Edward Newton

The Hustle is an open-world board game where you can go anywhere to build your fortune from the bottom up.

Cutting Great Video Game Trailers

Edward Newton

In this video, Jonas Tyroller and professional trailer editor Derek Lieu (you know him from […]

The Parking Lot Pitch

Edward Newton

This piece is derived from an older piece I wrote about building movies that work […]


Law and Order: Tactical Breach Wizards

Edward Newton

Stranger Things (2007-2009)

Edward Newton

In 2007, with the help of my friends Joshua Smith, Joseph Fagan, and Alex Traywick, I created a web series called “Stranger Things.” It was a science-fiction anthology series living in the Twilight Zone neighborhood. In 2009, it was picked up for on-demand television distribution. I will write more about this experience later, but for […]

Making and Remaking Karateka (1982-2012)

Edward Newton

In 2012, Jordan Mechner asked me if I wanted to make something to promote his remake of Karateka. And I said, “Show me the Apple II.”

Outwitting Your Inner Monologue (Negative Self Talk)

Edward Newton

They call it “negative self talk,” “automatic negative thoughts,” “the inner critic.” Basically, it’s those negative thoughts that pop up and tell you, “you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, you shouldn’t try,” etc etc etc.